Blissful Blog

The Blissful Blog is a blogging community for the wedding industry. It is a complete wedding website solution and community for couples, coordinators, photographers, florists and other vendors within the industry. The Blissful Blog provides new members with the automatic installation of a beautifully simple blog template upon registration. In addition, the community features a growing collection of website templates catered towards wedding vendors for a low cost monthly subscription plan. The project is currently in beta with over 100 members and growing.


Jammun will be a website community for musicians based off of the technology we are using for the Blissful Blog. The concept is an inexpensive solution for bands and musicians to own and operate their personal, customizable websites within a community environment. The site will offer templates catered to specific genres of music, and offer an outlet for them to promote their work. The project is currently in the final design stages.